“UZLLOVA” Clinic – is the only ophthalmic clinic, which carrying out about complete diagnosis and full treatment of child’s refractive index diseases.

  • In our clinic, you will find “Center of vision improvement” for children, where with help of unique and modern equipment, we provide a treatment of amblyopia (disease of lazy eye), on the early stage.

Amblyopia in children.

  1.  Amblyopia (“lazy eye”) is a drop in visibility, in which one eye is partially or completely not involved in the visual process. Amblyopia eye with BC Image clear that another brain, and the brain can not bashkjoje both images simultaneously. As a result one eye becomes stronger than the other, and Thierry remains “lazy eye.”
  2. In patients with deep amblyopia no binocular vision – the ability to assess the depth of the objects, their volume and integrity in space (inability to see in 3D normally)
  3. Amblyopia usually observed in children, but adults are also prone to this disease. The severity of the disease can vary from a slight decrease visibility to a steep decline it.
  4. Amblyopia often develops as a result of lack of good profeional correction, strabismus as a consequence, born cataract, cornea opacitit, ptosis of the upper eyelid when viewing covers etc.
  5. Treatment of amblyopia include the following methods:
  • Locating the perpetrators to the disease
  • Promoting ambliopik eye, through some special equipment (laser stimulation, magnetostimulim, special programs, other devices that stimulate the nervous system and that optical) that are present in our clinic since 2000 and enriched from year to year.
  •  Therapy starts with the closing of the eye healthy working only with lazy eye only 2-3 months ago and absolutely after correction is carried dioptrive Accurate eye (with glasses or lenses).

Important !
Firstly, unless working with preschool age tenacity to increase visibility of the eye amblyopia can be obtained positive results. Amblyopia treatment should preferably be done in the beginning of the emergence of disease. As soon as the disease is diagnosed and how to be less patient’s age, so more can be achieved results in increasing the visibility.

Binocular vision (vision double-viewing 3 dimensional) is formed by the age of 6-7 years old, it is obvious therefore that all efforts have to be made in time for the sole reason that this fact is not derived after this age.

There is a team of professional doctors whose specialized in different areas of ophthalmology, and have experience in Russia and around the world!

More than 12 years experience, 2 clinics with modern medical appliance, international acknowledgement, all of this makes ophthalmic clinic “UZLLOVA” – as an leader in Albania on ophthalmology.

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About Us

Eye Clinic “Uzllova” holds this name in honour of Russian oftalmokirurges ruse Taisia Uzllova (Karagjozi) who worked and lived from 1954 till the last day of her life serving with dignity and in a high professional level to albanians.

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